ANSC to hold Fall Endorsement Convention Sept. 18 in Montgomery

The Alabama New South Coalition (ANSC) is holding its 2010 Fall Membership/Endorsement Convention on Saturday September 18, 2010 from 9:00 AM until 3:00 PM at the Maggie Street Dream Center, 642 Maggie Street, Montgomery, AL 36105

ANSC  members will hear from statewide, Congressional and some district candidates for the November 2nd general elections. Democratic and Republican candidates for these offices have been invited.

All Statewide and District Candidates who appear in person will be screened by the ANSC members and delegates. Endorsements for the November General Election will be made from among those who appear before the ANSC delegates. The screening consists of a short statement by the candidate and then questions from the ANSC members.

The candidates for Governor and Lieutenant Governor will be given additional opportunities to speak at the convention luncheon.

The theme of the ANSC Convention is the “Power to Choose-United to Win” which supports ANSC’s overall efforts to increase voter registration and participation in this important election. All major statewide offices, including Governor, Lt. Governor, Attorney General, Secretary of State, Treasurer, Auditor, two Public Service Commissioners, two Alabama Supreme Court Justices, and all seats in the State Legislature are up for election.

In addition to the state races, the U. S. Senate seat held by incumbent Richard Shelby and all seven Congressional seats in Alabama are also up for election. There are also local contests for sheriffs, commissioners, school board members and other positions.

Robert Avery of Gadsden, ANSC President pointed out, “This election is crucial to the future of the state of Alabama. It is as important as the Presidential election in 2008 when we elected Barack Obama. Black, poor, working and progressive people must turnout again in large numbers or we will loose many of the gains we have made in health care, education, jobs and a cleaner environment for ourselves and our children.”

“ANSC will be working on a statewide basis to encourage people to register and turnout for this election because every vote counts. We have seen many state and local elections that were decided by a few votes. We need to make sure everyone votes, including those who need to use an absentee ballot, said Sheryl Threadgill,  ANSC Board Chair.”

“Some are saying difficult economic times will keep Black, young and progressive voters, who supported Obama last time, away from the polls.

“I feel with hard work from ANSC and similar organizations we can reverse this trend and get our supporters to the polls. Hard times were not caused by this President. He is working to bring us out of the past problems. We need to help him with a supportive Congress, State Legislature, Governor and other offices in Alabama,” said Avery.

 For more information on joining ANSC and the “Power to Choose– United to Win” campaign, contact Shelley Fearson, ANSC State Coordinator in Montgomery at 334/262-0932; or Robert Avery, President in Gadsden at 256/393-2860. In Greene County contact local chapter president, Dr. Carol P. Zippert at 205/372-0525.


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