ANSC endorses Ron Sparks for Governor and other Democratic candidates for state office


Ron Sparks


At its Fall Endorsement Convention on Saturday September 18, 2010 at the Maggie Street Dream Center in Montgomery, AL, the Alabama New South Coalition (ANSC) endorsed Ron Sparks for Governor as well as other Democratic candidates for statewide offices.

Sparks addressed the group and answered questions from ANSC members as part of the candidate screening process. Sparks thanked the group for endorsing him in the Democratic primary where he defeated Congressman Artur Davis for the Democratic nomination for Governor.


Jim Folsom Jr.



He said, “ANSC – you have already made a difference in this campaign and I hope you will continue working to elect me and other candidates on the Democratic slate who are committed to making a progressive difference in this state.”

Sparks reiterated his support of a statewide lottery with the proceeds going to the education trust fund for pre-K instruction and  college scholarships. He also said he supported  President Obama’s health care reforms and would not oppose Federal funding for health care in the state as his opponent Dr. Robert Bentley is advocating.

Sparks says he supports the return of electronic bingo in the state provided it is regulated and taxed to support the education and Medicaid budgets.

In his closing comments, Sparks said, “If you stand with me – I promise to stand with you as Governor. I will remain true to my roots and promises. I have not changed since 1978 when I started running for office. My deceased grandmother will turn over in her grave if I change my basic philosophy and practices of helping people.”


Miranda Joseph



ANSC also endorsed Jim Folsom, Jr. for Lieutenant Governor which is the office he currently holds; James Anderson for Attorney General; Tom Edwards for Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court; and Glen Zorn for Commissioner of Agriculture.

Other candidates endorsed by ANSC were: Charles Grimsley for State Treasurer, Miranda Joseph for State Auditor, Scott Gilliland for Secretary of State, Susan Parker for Public Service Commission-Place 1 and Jan Cook, Public Service Commission-Place 2. All of these candidates attended Saturday’s convention and were screened and questioned by ANSC members.

ANSC members and political candidates from across the state gathered at the organization’s annual Fall Endorsement Convention held in Montgomery Saturday, September 18, 2010.

Many ANSC members were pleased to see Miranda Joseph, who is the only African-American statewide candidate on the Democratic slate,  running for State Auditor. Ms. Joseph has an MBA and serves as a Certified Internal Auditor (similar to a CPA) which gives her the qualifications and credentials to serve in this position. Joseph said, “I hope to give the citizens of Alabama a more transparent view of how their taxes are being spent and used.”

The members authorized the ANSC Executive Committee to make endorsements of candidates not present for the screening and to make recommendations on Constitutional Amendments which will be on the November ballot.

ANSC chapters and Congressional district groups will make endorsements for local and Congressional races.

Members of the Greene County ANSC chapter presented a workshop on voter registration, absentee voting and voter precinct organization for the other ANSC members. Lester Brown, Sarah Duncan, John and Carol Zippert shared their experiences of systematically encouraging people to vote.

Sheryl Threadgill Matthews, ANSC Board Chair said that ANSC chapters and members were already working on plans and strategies to get out the vote for the November 2 General Election. “We have begun our ‘Power to Choose – United to Win’ campaign and now we have a slate of endorsed candidates that we will be pushing and supporting at the grassroots level all around the state.”



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