Physical, occupational and speech therapy now offered at Greene County Hospital

Greene County Administrator Mark Chustz (front center) cuts the ribbon at the opening of the Therapy Clinic at the hospital.
On Monday, November 15, there was a grand opening for the new therapy clinic at the Greene County Hospital.
According to Janice Wilkerson, the regional consultant with Select Medical Rehabilitation Services, the hospital can now offer physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech and language pathology.
The clinic in the hospital contains the various machines which are used for exercises that can help people who have had strokes, hip replacements, shoulder replacements, or are recovering from illnesses or accidents and other physical problems that limit mobility.
In physical therapy, the specially trained personnel in the clinic use electrical stimulation, ultra sound, short wave diathermy and other methods to assist people who because of illness or accident are suffering from limited movement of various body parts or other mobility problems. The goal is to maximize the individual’s independence
Occupational therapy is a goal-oriented therapy. It can be used for retraining people in the tasks of daily living and/or give them the opportunity of resuming involvement in work, the community and social groups. It can be used to increase upper body strengths such as in the hands, arms and wrists and carpel tunnel disorders among other things.
Speech therapy is used to correct language and communication disorders. Hospital Administrator Mark Chustz emphasized that the Greene County facility could treat children with various speech disorders.
“Until now, people in this community would have to go out of town for their therapy needs. Now they can receive the treatment they need right here in Greene County and avoid the long trips. This helps to keep resources and jobs in Greene County.”
The Therapy Clinic is currently open from 6 a.m. until noon each day. Chustz says that as more and more people begin using the local facility, the hours will be extended.
Among the employees working in the Therapy Clinic are Speech Therapist Andrea Robinson, Rehabilitation Assistant and Director Andrea Woods, Rehabilitation Assistant Debra Sturdivant, Occupational Therapist Caretta Spears and Physical Therapy Assistant Jana Upchurch.


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