Mayor Steele says he will advertise for police chief ‘soon’

The Eutaw City Council began its meeting on Tuesday, December 28 with only one item of business on its agenda. – an application from Wayne Spencer for an off premises beer and wine license for S & S Grocery.
However, the first motion from the council was to amend this agenda to include further discussion on the city attorney. This motion was unanimously approved and the council went into executive session since good name and character were to be discussed.
After approximately 30 minutes, they returned, but had nothing to report.
Before the meeting ended, Councilwoman Sheila Smith asked Mayor Raymond Steele if he was getting any applications for the position of police chief.
Steele replied that advertising for this position “should go to next week.”
The council discussed Spencer’s request for a license and approved it unanimously, pending approval by the State ABC Board.
The question concerning the grant for a sewer project which had been discussed at the last meeting did not come up. However, after the meeting, Mayor Steele said, “I do not know of any documentation that this grant has been taken away from us. I asked a representative from ADECA concerning this and she said we would sit down and talk after the holidays.”
Steele also told the council that the city had received two police cars from Selma. The council approved allowing city employees to take 1/2 day off on December 30 and a full day on December 31 for the New Year’s holiday.


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