Greene Co. Nursing Home has new staff

Wendy Gagliano and Sandy Root

The Greene County Hospital and Nursing Home has a new Administrator and a new Director of Marketing and Admissions.
Sandy Root is the new director. She is originally from Michigan but has lived in Tuscaloosa for the past 15 years.
“I have had 20 years of experience in long-term care and when I found out this nursing home was seeking a director, I applied. I love it down here,” she said.
“I want to see this nursing home grow and be a place where one can feel at home – where they can be comfortable visiting and happy that their loved ones are here right at home rather than in some other city.
“There is no reason to travel outside of Greene County for quality care.”
Root says that the Greene County Nursing Home offers physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy for adults and youth and outpatient therapy.
Wendy Gagliano, new Director of Marketing and Finances, is originally from New Orleans.
When Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans, she and her family evacuated to Demopolis. “We lost everything in the hurricane, so we made Alabama our home and we love it here,” she said.
Wendy’s job is to get the word out as to just what the Greene County Nursing Home has to offer.
“We do community health fairs, among other things,” she said, “and develop relationships with doctors to acquaint them with what services we offer.”
Both Root and Gagliano were proud to announce that the nursing home now has 51 residents. They already have quite a few new pieces of equipment such as ultra sound, a new 4-slice CAT Scan and are planning on expanding even more in the coming year.
“We really need volunteers to come and do activities with the residents,” said Gagliano, “to sit and read to them or to sing or play the piano or other musical instrument. Children are welcome.
“This spring we hope to begin a gardening project and maybe even a Mardi Gras.”
Each stressed the need for more community involvement with patients in the nursing home.
“We need volunteers,” Root emphasized.


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