Number of students passing AHSGE improves

Jordan Harten (center), a student at Eutaw Primary, presents framed testament to each board member as part of School Board Recognition Month.

At the regular meeting of the Greene County Board of Education on Thursday, January 20, Greene County School Superintendent Isaac Atkins advised the board that as of right now, 76 out of 106 seniors have passed all parts of the Alabama High School Graduation test and are eligible to graduate.
Of the 42 who have not passed all parts of the test, 17 only need to pass reading, three only need to pass math, four students need to pass reading and math; two need only reading and one additional course; four need to pass all sections and one needs to pass one additional section that is not reading nor math.
According to Atkins, this is a big improvement over the August figures which showed that only 42 students had passed all of the test.
“We need 103 students out of 107 students to pass this test and I believe that they can do it,” said Atkins.

School Board Recognition

In honor of School Board Recognition Month, the principals and students from each school in the system made presentations to each board member.
The board members received plaques, bags of various gifts, books made by the students, wall mounts of inspirational messages and invitations to join the students in each school for lunch.
*Was advised by CFO Evelyn James that the system had a cash and cash equivalency of $3.4 million. The December revenue was $1.6 million. Claims for the month were $1.09 million. No revenue was received from either simulcasting nor bingo at Greenetrack. It has been over two years since any revenue has been received from simulcasting and no income has been received from bingo since July, 2010.
*Approved Charles Williams and Associates and Goodwyn, Mills & Cawood for architectural services for the new high school.
*After a lengthy executive session, approved a contract with TCU Consulting Service for Program Management Services on the new high school not to exceed $310,000.
*Heard a report from Superintendent Atkins. She said that the system had begun their budget amendments. September of 2011 is the deadline for the amendments. A full report must be filed with the Ethics Commission. She also advised the board that all the schools are in the count-down to accountability and that each school has plans to achieve that status.
Personnel items approved included:
*Approved employment of Mrs. Jessica McCaskill as Social Studies teacher at Greene County High School.
*Approved employment of Mrs. Sheanell Edwards as Math Intervention teacher at Paramount Jr. High School. (Federal Funds).


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