Youth to pay tribute to Greene County Trailblazers

The Greene County Children’s Policy Council after-school tutorial students have been engaged in a project collecting the stories of local residents who participated in the Civil Rights Movement in Greene County.
The students will pay tribute to selected Greene County Trailblazers at a program scheduled for Friday, February 11, 2011, 6:30 P.M. at the Eutaw Activity Center on Harris Ave.
The young people have spent months of hard work interviewing the senior activists and learning more about the history of Greene County, Alabama and the United States. According to Probate Judge Lillie Jones-Osborne, who initiated the directs the program, the students are acquiring valuable information on their community but also about their own families. Many of the senior activists interviewed are the students’ relatives, church members, or neighbors. As the students connect with the senior activists they are learning leadership skills, building self-esteem and recognizing that they, too, have a positive role to play in their community.
This Trailblazers Project was principally funded through a grant from the Black Belt Community Foundation which serves Greene County as one of the 12 Black Belt counties.
The after-school tutorial program is one of the many programs sponsored by the Greene County Children’s Policy Council which was founded to “ mobilize stakeholders and involve them in working collaboratively to develop a community plan which addressed the needs of the children.”
The Greene County Children’s Policy Council is also the umbrella of the Greene County Family Resource Center which was opened in 2010.


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