Greene County Hospital and Nursing Home continue to make significant improvements

Pictured above are Greene County Hospital Administrator Mark Chustz, Radiology Assistant Haley Odom and Registered Nurse Keisha Gill. Chustz is displaying pictures taken on a CT Scanner.

During the past three years, the Greene County Hospital (GCH) has gone from having a net yearly deficit of $511,627 in 2008 to having net profit of $44,136 in 2010.
Hospital Administrator Mark Chustz credits this turnaround to a number of things, including better service, the conversion of the Physician’s Clinic to a Provider Based Clinic, a move that Chustz expects to increase clinic revenue by $200,000 per year; the acquisition of a CT Scanner, Ultra Sound equipment and a Cardiac Stress Treadmill and the installation of electronic medical records.
The patient census at the Greene County Nursing Home is currently 51 patients; the hospital averages six patients per day and the Physicians Clinic sees approximately 550 patients per month. There are currently three doctors at the Clinic – Salahuddin Farooqui, Jamil Meloelain and Arnaldo Sanchez. In addition, the clinic has one Nurse Practitioner, Belinda Hogue,
Chustz said that the outpatient use of the CT Scanner, Ultra Sound equipment and Cardiac Stress Treadmill has added income for the hospital as well as being a great service to the citizens of Greene County.
“Now when a person needs certain types of outpatient therapy following an accident or illness, there is no need for them to travel several hours to another facility. We have the equipment to provide the therapy they need, both on an inpatient and outpatient basis.”
Chustz credits the acquisition of a marketing person for the nursing home for some of the increase in patient census.”Since we hired her our census has gone up from an average of 40 patients to an average of 50 patients,” said Chustz, “A local family can visit their loved ones in our nursing home without having to drive long distances. We have all the necessary facilities right here in Greene County.”
Recently, the GCH has sold 75% of their home health care facility to LHC, a group from Louisiana, retaining only a 25% ownership.
“This was a wise move,” said Chustz. “The Home Health Care facility has been part of the reason we showed such large deficits.
“We continue to provide home health care services but have relinquished some of the financial problems.”
He said that the hospital was receiving approximately $1.3 million a year for three years in ARRA (American Recovery and Reinvestment Act) funds to implement the Electronic Medical Record system. The installation of the equipment is costing approximately $900,000 per year, which means that the hospital will realize an actual profit from that installation as well as the benefits it will provide for patients and staff. Chustz expects the installation to be completed by the end of 2011.
“My vision for this hospital,” said Chustz, “is that it be a thriving, community-based business with employees coming from the local community. This hospital is an economic plus for Greene County. It is estimated that a small local hospital increases tax revenue in a county by 28% – which is similar to what locating a Wal-Mart here would do.”
“I see this hospital as a vibrant, growing part of the county and my plans are to stay here and see it reach its full potential.”


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