Strange declares bingo machines at Greenetrack illegal; threatens seizure

The bingo computer machines now in use at Greenetrack are the types that were not seized during the July, 2010 raid. Now they have been declared illegal by AG Strange.

Despite the fact that the current electronic bingo machines at Greenetrack allegedly meet all the criteria laid down by the Alabama Supreme Court as far as legality went, Alabama’s Attorney General Luther Strange, on March 24, issued a statement that basically ordered the removal of elecronic bingo equipment from Greenetrack once again.
Strange informed Greenetrack representatives that the machines currently being used for electronic bingo “meet the definition of an illegal grambling deivce or slot machine as defined in the Alabama Code.”
According to a recent document signed by Strange, Greenetrack has been given three choices:
*“Shut down the operation immediately and remove the machines from the state.
*“Allow state law enforcement agents to seize the machines in the facility and argue their case in court through a forfeiture action. Greenetrack will not be allowed to operate the machines while the matter is being litigated.
*“Continue to operate the machines in question and allow standard law enforcement procedures to go forward.”
According to reliable sources, attorneys representing Greenetrack said that Strange had asked for an answer as to which of the three options Winn chose by noon of March 25. However, correspondence from one of the attorneys for Greenetrack indicated that Strange had granted a week’s extention “up to and including Friday, April 1,” in which to chose which of the three options offered by Strange.
The Democrat made several attempts to get direct statements on the record relative to the Atty. General’s recent decisions on Greenetrack.
The office of Luther Strange made an adament statement that Strange never gave any sort of comments on the telephone.
Deputy Attorney General Sonny Reagan said he could not make any statements on this particular matter but referred Democrat employees to Joy Patterson with the AG’s press office.
Patterson said she was not allowed to make any comments at this particular time.
The Democrat also attempted unsuccessfully to get statements from Greenetrack President Luther “Nat” Winn. Sheriff Joe Benison was also contacted but failed to comment.


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