Tornadoes hit homes, trailers and church in Greene County

Tornadoes hit the homes of Mrs. Mary Anthony and her son and destroyed Morning Star Baptist Church, Forkland, leaving only a pile of rubble. In addition, other homes and trailers in the Forkland and Tishabee communities were destroyed.

Tornadoes roared through Greene County last Friday, touching down in both the northern and southern areas and damaging homes, trailers, and at least two church roofs.
Warning sirens began wailing at 1:22 p.m. and shortly afterward the winds moved in.
Morning Star Baptist Church in Forkland was completely destroyed.
The final damage report released by the Interim EMA Director Iris Sermon was: 11 mobile homes – six of them sustained minor damage. four sustained major damage and one totally destroyed; 10 homes – nine with minor damage and one destroyed; two churches damaged and one destroyed. There were also a number of trees and power lines downed.
Only a small percentage of those with damaged or destroyed property had insurance.
Four persons were treated for injuries sustained in the tornado.
Others had minor scrapes and bruises including two people who were actually blown out of their home and into an adjoining field.
One lady said that while the tornado missed her home, it uprooted some trees in the back yard – “picked them up by their roots and just tossed them,” she said.
Trailers and homes belonging to members of her family were destroyed. “It happened just about the time you could blink your eyes, it hit,” she said, adding that later that evening when she needed medical attention, they had to go up Highway 20 to get to the hospital because all of the other roads had trees and power lines on them.
“It’s a blessing to be here,” she said. “People have been good. Senator Bobby Singleton came down here and lots of people we didn’t even know.”
First responders including law enforcement officers, the County Highway Department, Forkland Fire Department as well as ambulances and fire departments from Demopolis worked through the night as the tornadoes continued to move.
Many citizens and members of the Greene County Commission, councilwomen and men from various towns and concerned citizens also offered assistance where they could.
On Tuesday, April 19, a delegation consisting of members of the State EMA and Congresswoman Terri Sewell visited the Forkland Town Hall and talked privately with various officials, including members of the Greene County Commission, about possible assistance.
Art Faulkner, head of the Alabama EMA, said everything would take time and Governor Bentley was expecting faith-based, community-based and other volunteers to help where needed.


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