All charges dropped against Greenetrack employees; Winn acquitted of reckless endangerment charge

Luther “Nat” Winn goes on camera with various TV stations shortly after being acquitted of the charge of reckless endangerment that was filed by a Highway Patrolman who claimed Winn deliberately hit her as he was entering Greenetrack during the first raid. Winn told the news media that if he had actually done what Garcia had accused him of he would have immediately been charged and arrested.

On Wednesday morning, August 11, Greenetrack CEO Luther “Nat” Winn was acquitted in the Greene County District Court of the charge of reckless endangerment in the takeover of Greenetrack by Gov. Bob Riley’s Task Force.

He and the Greenetrack employees and supporters who were jailed for Obstructing a Government Operation earlier that same morning had all charges dismissed when District Attorney Greg Griggers informed District Judge Lillie Jones-Osborne that the plaintiffs, Bob Riley and John Tyson, had not responded to any of his requests for documentation of the offense. “The only thing they said was that I would get the requested information at a later date, so I have no documentation of probable cause.” Read more of this post