City of Eutaw and Southfresh work out new water rate agreement

At their regular meeting on Tuesday, September 28, the Eutaw City Council finally reached an agreement with Southfresh Inc. regarding the water rate the company would pay.

The company will now pay $2,500 per month for water and $500 for sewage. If the city is penalized by ADEM for excess sewage, they will be compensated by Southfresh.

Southfresh was given a 12 month guarantee on these rates.

This matter has been under discussion for several months and both parties seemed relieved that an agreement had been reached.

Also on the agenda were appointments to various city boards including the Zoning Board of Adjustment, the City Medical Board, the Eutaw Planning Commission, the City Industrial Board, the Historical Board and the Cemetery Committee.

Appointments made were John Gillam to the Zoning Board of Adjustments; Faye Tyree to the City Medical Board; and Jerri Glenn to the Historical Commission.

The other board vacancies had either already been filled or were postponed until the next meeting.

The Eutaw City Council approved a resolution changing the Greene County Industrial Development Board to the Greene County Industrial Development Authority. The authority will have more flexibility and power in promoting and supporting industrial development and job creation.

It was agreed that the City of Eutaw would have one appointment to this new structure and that the person selected could not be an elected official.

In other business, the council:

*Discussed the condemnation of the swimming pool at Clarence Thomas Park. It was finally agreed that the bottom of the  pool would be cracked and fill dirt put in. Mayor Raymond Steele suggested that the  pool be turned into a parking lot, a suggestion which Councilmember Sheila Smith objected to. She said that it could easily be made into a basketball court. Councilman Ralph Liverman told her that the city already owned some land near the Eutaw Activity Center that was a better place for a playground. It was suggested that the city contact the county to see if their personnel could assist in the demolition.

Once again the council discussed the bill from Waste Management for garbage pick-up. This matter had previously been discussed and the council seemed in agreement that they were paying for garbage pick-up at vacant houses. “We keep paying these people and we have asked for an adjustment. We are being charged for vacant houses,” said Councilmember Joe L. Powell.

Councilwoman Hattie Edwards suggested that Waste Management should meet with the council. She was advised by the mayor that representatives from that company would  be present at the next city council meeting.