Traffic stop leads to confiscation of marijuana estimated at $100,000 street value

Greene County Deputy Jeremy Rancher is shown here with 65 bundles of marijuana he confiscated following a traffic stop near Knoxville.
Greene County Deputy Jeremy Rancher was on routine patrol on I-59/20 near Knoxville on Monday (12/20/10) when he noticed a jeep whose driver aroused his suspicion. He stopped the vehicle and quickly found three hidden compartments containing 67 bundles of marijuana.
According to Rancher, the drugs have a street value of approximately $100,000.
The driver, Andres Vargas, 38, and passenger Patricia Lopez, 24, were taking the drugs from Texas to Atlanta.
Other arrests made by the Greene County Sheriff’s Department included:
12/15 – Joe Dais, 25, of Forkland was arrested for contempt of court.
12/15 – Rico Ellis, 18, Eutaw, was arrested for disorderly conduct. He was released on a $500 bond.
12/17 – Anthony Hibbler, 32, of Boligee was arrested for child support.
12/18 – Luciano Carrillo, 22, of Birmingham was arrested for DUI.
Bonds issued included:
12/14 – Mary Pierce was released on a $1,000 bond for DUI.
12/17 – James Reese was released on a $1,500 bond for DUI.
12/17 – Troy Brown was released on a $1,000 bond for DUI.
Incidents reported to the Greene County Sheriff’s Department included:
12/13 – Crown Castle reported a burglary.
12/15 – The Sheriff’s Department recovered a stolen 4-wheeler from County Road 183.
12/15 – Mattie Hargrove reported a harassment.
12/15 – Algarita Hawkins reported a domestic violence assault.
12/15 – Abbie Lavender reported a theft of property. Taken were jewelry valued at $2,800; a Eurika Air Pump valued at $1,500; a S&W pistol valued at $1,000; a Remington .22 rifle with scope valued at $1,200 and a Marlin .22 rifle valued at $125.
12/15 – Larry Sandford reported a theft of property. Taken were tools and equipment, three cars – a Nova, Taurus and T-Bird; a 2.8 Chevrolet car motor; saws, drills and other items.
Robin Tutt reported criminal mischief. Someone damaged four of his Ranger tires.
12/17 – the Greene County Sheriff’s Department recovered a 1994 Chevrolet valued at $1,500 on County Road 170 at a residence.
12/19 – Mary Rochell Hicks reported a domestic violence assault II.
The Eutaw Police Department reported the following arrests:
12/10 – Estin Hill was arrested for criminal mischief III at a local club.
12/11 – Nicolas McGhee was arrested for DUI.
12/13 – Demetric Cain, 33, was arrested for attempting to cash a forged instrument.
12/15 – Josh Dunn, 23, was arrested for theft of property in an incident of shop-lifting at the ABC store in Eutaw. He is also charged with resisting arrest. Also arrested in the same incident was Michael Jones, who was charged with DUI.


Fire Marshal investigating fire at Joe Nathan Hutton, Jr.’s home

This home belonging to Joe Nathan Hutton, Jr. burned to the ground Thursday night, October 21

Shortly after Joe Nathan Hutton Jr. was arrested last week, his home on O’Neal Street burned to the ground.
Deputy Jeremy Rancher said that the Fire Marshal had been called in to investigate as it appeared to have been arson.
Hutton was one of the eight people arrested last week when a SWAT team descended on a home on Wilson Avenue.
All of those arrested were charged with Attempted Murder. Hutton and Timothy Powell were also charged with discharging a firearm into an occupied vehicle.
Rancher refused to speculate as to whether or not the arson was connected in any way to the arrests.
Bonds set on those arrested included:
Timothy Powell – no bond on the attempted murder or discharging a firearm into an occupied vehicle. He is also charged with receiving stolen property and a $25,000 bond was set on that charge.
Joe Nathan Hutton, Jr. – $50,000 bond on attempted murder and $65,000 bond on the shooting into an occupied vehicle.
Cortez Gilmore – a $65,000 bond on attempted murder and a $15,000 bond on possession of marijuana.
See Antonio Scott, Danny Johnson, Eddie Ishman, Percy McShan, III and Jesse James Scott were each given a $50,000 bond for attempted murder.
When the bonds were set, a stipulation that none of them could be made by a bail bonding company was added. The bonds had to either be made in cash or property.
Other arrests made by county officers included:
10/18 – Demetrius Hodges, 29, of Boligee – FTA Theft of Property.
10/21 – Cornelia Johnson, 53, of Forkland – Contempt of Court, sentence to serve seven days in the county jail.
10/21 – Christopher Burton, 28 of Eutaw – Contempt of Court, sentence to serve seven days in the county jail.
10/22 – James Hall, 48, Mt. Hebron – possession of drug paraphernalia.
1-/21 – Omar Ezra Knott, Forkland – violation of drug court.
10/22 – Vincent Tyrone Curry, aka Vee, 21, Tuscaloosa – FTA possession of a forged instrument.
Incidents reported to the Greene County Sheriff’s Office included:
10/18 – Kendra McGhee reported an assault.
10/20 – An inmate in the county jail was found with marijuana in his possession – 11 small bags and one large bag.
10/20 – Frederick Morrow reported an ID theft.
10/22 – Napoleon Hughes reported a domestic violence harassment.
10/22 – Brenda Burke reported a theft of property including $35 in U. S. quarters, a gold charm bracelet valued at $1,000; a gold set with garnets bracelet valued at $300, one set of diamond and pearl earings (no value given).
10/22 – Annie Knox reported the theft of assorted copper wiring and an iron wash pot.

Eutaw Police Report

10/19 – Del Powell, 34, Eutaw theft of property III
10/20 – Robert Lee Finch, 10 – FTP fine on expired tag.
Incidents reported by the Eutaw Police Department included:
10/17 – A broken window was reported at a window on a building on Prairie Avenue.
10/18 -Hodges Smith reported the theft of a Cingular cell phone.
10/19 – Adrian Williams reported a menacing.
10/19 – Terry Sears reported someone stole his wallet containing personal papers and his cell phone.
10/19 – James Potts reported a harassment.
10/21 – Cardell Ellis reported an assault III.
10/21 – Ashlea Bishop reported harassing communications.
10/22 – Larry Sanford reported someone damaged the dor on the trailer at the city park.

Seven arrested following early morning raid; hand guns, long guns and assault guns seized confiscated

Pictured L to R are Antonio Scott, Eddie Ishman, Timothy Powell, Joe N. Hutton, Jr., Danny Johnson, Percy McShan and Jessie Scott
An early morning raid by members of the Greene County Sheriff’s Department, the Department of Public Safety and other outside agencies led to seven arrests and the confiscation of several guns – hand guns, long guns and assault guns.
According to Greene County Deputy Jeremy Rancher, the officers entered the residence on Wilson Avenue in Eutaw on the strength of search warrants and arrest warrants. The charges against the men stemmed from an assault on Desmond Knott at a local club on October 16. Knott was shot in the leg during what appeared to be an attempted robbery and/or assault. Shots were fired into the vehicle and when Knott ran, the assailants began shooting at him. He was taken to a local emergency room by private vehicle.
All of the seven men arrested are charged with attempted murder. Timothy Powell and Joe Nathan Hutton, Jr. are also charged with shooting into an occupied vehicle.
Rancher refused to comment on whether or not more arrests were pending.

Beware of Phony
Carpet Cleaners

According to Eutaw Police Chief Tommy Summerville, there are three people posing as carpet cleaners who have been preying on the citizens of Greene County.
Summerville said the crew consisted of a white man, a black man and a white woman and they are driving a white vehicle. He said that they got into a home in Knoxville under the guise of cleaning the carpets and left with everything in the house.
Arrests reported by the Eutaw Police Department included:
10/18 – Lashanda Webb was arrested for FTA on a traffic violation.
10/17 – Jerri Glenn was arrested for harassment.
Incidents reported in Eutaw included:
10/13 – Geneva Richardson reported that someone stole a bottle of Segrams whiskey from the ABC Store.
10/14 – A clerk at Piggly Wiggly reported that someone stole steaks, lunch meats and candy.
10/14 – Donnie McKemie reported someone stole the tag off his car.

Greene Co. Sheriff’s Report

Arrests reported by the Greene County Sherriff’s Department included:
10/13 – Yolanda Powell, 45, of Tuscaloosa was arrested for failure to pay child support.
10/15 – Andrew Hill, 45, of Forkland was arrested for 2 counts of FTA speeding, FTA driving while suspended, DUI, and no drivers’ license.
10/17 – Charles Tripp, 45, of Demopolis was arrested for FTA child support.
Bonds issued by the Greene County Sheriff’s Department included:
10/15 – William Ware – $2,50 for attempting to elude.
10/16 – Shirley Pelt – $1,000 – DUI.
Incidents reported to the Greene County Sheriff’s Department included:
10/12 – Christin Pearson reported a criminal mischief.
10/12 – A stolen Kobota Tractor was recovered at Levelwood Hunting Club.
10/13 – Linda Gaskin reported that someone took three radiators from school buses on her property.
10/14 – A spokesman for Mt. Pilgrim Primitive Baptist Church reported that someone stole five of their heating and air conditioning units.
10/14 – Jimmy Reed reported someone broke into his home and took a wood/Buck heater/stove valued at $500; three air conditioning wall units valued at $30, a cabinet, a wall cabinet and an iron bed .
10/15 – A spokesman for Tishabee Fire Department reported the theft of a four ton Heil air conditioning unit valued at $500.
10/15 – A spokesman for the Christian Valley Baptist Church reported someone stole two Heil air conditioning units valued at $10,000.