Fluker honored for years of service to schools

Pictured L-R are board members Morris Hardy and Bobbie Morgan, Superintendent Isaac Atkins, board members Elzora Fluker, Lester Brown and Leo Branch. Fluker, who served on the Greene County School Board for 24 years, received accolades for her services from board members and the Superintendent.”This is both a happy and sad occasion,” said Fluker. “I appreciate the opportunity I had to serve our school system and county,”

At its October meeting the Greene County Board of Education and Superintendent Isaac Atkins gave special tribute to Board Chairperson Elzora Fluker. “This is likely to be Ms. Fluker’s last meeting as a member of this board, so we are taking this opportunity to honor her for her years of dedicated service,” stated Superintendent Isaac.
Fluker was first elected to the Greene County Board of Education in 1986, with Charles Miles as superintendent, and has served continuously since that time. She has held the position of board chairperson for eight years, since 2002. Isaac pointed out that during her tenure, Fluker served alongside seven superintendents, including interims.
The board and superintendent marked the occasion by presenting Fluker with a plaque and a floral arrangement.
In her report, Superintendent Atkins stated that the system has completed its initial 49 instructional days of school, the first nine weeks. According to Atkins, the 40 day enrollment indicated a total of 1340 students are currently enrolled in the system: Greene County High has 386 students; Paramount Jr. High has 358; Carver Middle School has 344 and Eutaw Primary has 251 students. Atkins stated that the student enrollment was definitely down from 1394 pupils the previous year.
Atkins also stated that more seniors have passed the graduation exam including 13 in Reading, 11 in Language Arts, 13 in Math and seven in Biology. Overall more seniors have passed in the Biology section than in any other area. To date 58% of the seniors have passed all sections of the graduation exams.
The board was informed that the Alabama Student Harassment Prevention Act mandates that all school systems adopt policies in this regard.
The Superintendent also noted that the state’s pro-ration is at 3% and could increase to 5%. This adjustment of available state resources will be reflected in the school system’s 2010-2011 budget.
The monthly financial report was deferred to the next meeting to allow the Chief Financial Officer to make needed adjustment.
In other business, the Board:
*Approved LEA Plan for Highly Qualified Teachers FY 2011-201.
*Approved LEA Plan for FY 2010-2011.
*Approve  Parental Involvement Plan.
*Approve School Improvement Plan for Greene County High School for 2010-2011 school term.
*Approve School Improvement Plan for Carver Middle School for 2010-2011.
*Approve School Improvement Plan for Eutaw Primary School for 2010-2011.
*Approve School Improvement Plan for Paramount Jr.  High School for 2010-2011.
Personnel items aproved by the board included:
*Termination of Mrs. Sheila Green as Pre-K teacher at Eutaw Primary.
*Employment of Mrs. Schqueira Wright as Pre-K teacher aide at Eutaw Primary.
*Retirement of Mrs. Gladys Pritchett, Secrerary/Bookeeper at Greene County High School effective November 1.
*Approved additional service contracts for the following employees at Paramount Jr. High School:
*Jeffery Wesley, Head Basketball Coach (boys).
*Charles Carter, Asst. Basketball Coach (boys).
*James Kennedy, Head Basketball Coach (girls).
*Frederick Square Athletic Director.
Approved Additional Service Contracts for the following employees at Carver Middle School:
*Johnny McCalpine, Head Basketball Coach (Boys)
*Mrs. Johnnie Hunter, Head Basketball Coach (Girls)
*Johnny McCalpine, (Athletic Director)
Approved Additional Service Contracts for the following employees at Greene County High School (Separate Contracts)
*Jason Spinks, Head Basketball Coach (Boys)
*Bruce Jackson, Asst. Basketball Coach (Boys)
*Rodney Wesley, (Athletic Director)