Hundreds benefit from food giveaway sponsored by House of Prayer Family Church at Greenetrack

People began arriving at Greenetrack shortly after 8 a.m. on Wednesday morning, July 28, to receive free food from the House of Prayer Family Church.

Everyone was given a flyer which detailed the eligibility rules, which depended on the size of the family and the yearly income.

“Anyone who receives USDA food stamps is eligible for this food,” said House of Prayer Pastor Joe Allen.

In addition, many non-Food Stamp recipients, depending on yearly income and number of people in the household, are eligible.

When the boxes were filled, everyone was directed to line up in their cars and drive around the parking lot to where the food was located. Church members carried boxes out to the cars filled with bread, cheese, meat, juice, and various other food items.

It was quickly apparent that there were more people trying to get the food than there was food, but this will not be the only time this sort of distribution is made.

Those who received the food were amazed at the quantity and variety.