Lack of funding eliminates E-911 employees

A combination of occurrences including the lack of funding from electronic bingo and lack of sufficient funding  from the city and county governments has caused the much needed community service of E-911 to eliminate several staff positions.

This agency is required by law to answer and dispatch for an emergency warranting a response in the areas of fire suppression and rescue, emergency medical services or ambulances, hazardous material, disaster or major emergency occurrences, and law enforcement activities  in a prompt and timely manner.

However, from the early origin of Greene County E-911, this agency acquired the dispatching services for city and county law enforcement agencies, thus saving their individual budgets the expense of personnel costs that would have been needed in order to provide personnel to perform non-emergency dispatching responsibilities for their individual officers.

According to the Greene County E-911 Director and its board of directors, if they are unable to fill the financial void left after the loss of electronic bingo and the loss in the county’s population as shown by the 2010 Census Report, the only way to keep E-911 operating would be to return  non-emergency dispatching back to city and county government; or operate within the E-911 guidelines of providing non-emergency dispatch to law enforcement, volunteer fire departments, ambulance and rescue on contractual basis only