School Board approves allowing contractor to pursue purchase of 43 acres for new high school

At a call meeting on Tuesday, April 5, the Greene County Board of Education voted unanimously to allow TCU Consulting to pursue the purchase of 43 acres on Highway 11 as a site for the new high school.
According to Superintendent Isaac Atkins, the location of the site cannot be revealed at this time.
Atkins also advised the board that on Monday, April 4, she had used the School Cast system to make approximately 2,000 calls to parents, staff and others involved in the school system to advise them that school would be closing early due to the inclement weather.
“The only problem we encountered was that some of the parents had changed their numbers and not notified the system. Each parent has a chance to put three numbers in the system, so they should notify us when their numbers change,” said Isaac.