Eutaw City Council takes another step closer to zoning for industry on Sumter Veneer site

 By: John Zippert, Co-Publisher

   At its regular meeting on Tuesday, August 24, 2010, the Eutaw City council by a vote of 4 to 2 took another step toward approving a change in zoning from M-1 (light industry) to M-2 (heavy industry) for the former Sumter Veneer site on Prairie Avenue adjoining the railroad in the city limits.

Elam Properties proposes to use the site to house a new scrap metal and tire recycling business.

The Eutaw City Council took this action despite the opposition of city residents who live near the site including people who live in the newly constructed Rosie Carpenter Haven. They complained of the potential noise and pollution to be generated by the new industry which will initially create only a small number of jobs.

When the item came up on the agenda, Mayor Steele asked the Council members who supported the zoning change if they had brought a written copy of the ordinance so the correct wording could be voted on by the Council.

Councilwoman Hattie Edwards said, “the majority of the Council voted for this ordinance at the last meeting and we thought you or Mike Smith, the City Attorney, would draw up the appropriate resolution for us to vote on at today’s meeting. This is the general procedure we have followed in the past so we thought you as Mayor would handle this for us”.

Mayor Steele who opposes the rezoning said that he didn’t prepare the resolution because he did not know what it should say.

Attorney Smith said he needed a legal description of the site to be re-zoned to prepare an ordinance. He was provided with a copy of the legal description. Read more of this post