Federation’s 43rd annual meeting features Shirley Sherrod, Ben Jealous and Alice Walker in people’s celebration


Pictured L-R are Shirley Sherrod, Ben Jealous and FSC Executive Director Ralph Paige.


The Federation of Southern Cooperatives/Land Assistance Fund celebrated its 43rd Annual Meeting this past weekend in Birmingham and at the organization’s Rural Training and Research Center at Epes, Alabama.

 On Saturday, August 21, Shirley Sherrod, a former Federation staff member and recently dismissed Georgia State Director of USDA Rural Development and Ben Jealous, Executive Director of the NAACP, spoke publicly together for the first time about the incident of Ms. Sherrod’s dismissal in mid-July based on a distorted video tape of her speech to an NAACP group in Georgia.

The tape was edited by Andrew Brietbart, a right-wing ideologue, to suggest that Ms. Sherrod was withholding services from a white farmer. When the entire video is viewed in context it is clear that Ms. Sherrod is speaking of her transformation and overcoming prejudice by helping to save the white farmer’s farm despite her own negative life experiences with whites. Read more of this post